Kinbrylie Diary Page May 2010

As some of you are already aware Don & I are just back from the most amazing holiday. We travelled overland, mostly by train, through Britain, France, Spain and the north of Africa.  The first night we spent in London then an overnight train from Paris to Madrid, 2 nights in Madrid, 2 nights in Ronda, a beautiful town in the south of Spain.  We crossed the Straights of Gibraltar from Tarifa to Tangier and on to Rabat for 2 nights, then Marrakech for 3 nights and on to Fez for another 3. On the way back we spent 2 nights in Seville and back to Paris on the overnight train from Madrid. Then London for 2 days and home again.

As this is the busiest time for bookings, a small laptop came with us and as you can see Donald is hard at work.

A beautiful statue of Don Quixote and his side kick Sancho Panza

The terrapin pool in the middle of the Atocha station in Madrid

We visited the the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, home of Real Madrid


This poor girl stands, all day, outside the Bull Ring in Ronda waiting to have her photo taken.

Ronda is a very old town in the Andalucian area of Spain. As you can see it is built on the top of a cliff and the
 two sides of the town are separated by a ravine.

There are spectacular views all round the countryside from Ronda

This is one of the bridges, crossing the ravine, to join the two parts of the town

Looking from the bridge, in the previous photo, to the old bridge further down the ravine.

Looking over one of the viewpoints that are built out from the cliff, you get an idea of the height.

One of the quaint little streets in the town

On our way down to the botttom of the ravine we stopped to take a picture of the bridge from the other side.

At the floor of the ravine, the river is reasonably still.

I will show you some of North Africa next time then I promise to have some from home after that.  I will up date you then on all the latest at Kinbrylie.

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