Kinbrylie Diary Page April 2010

Welcome to the diary page.  If you have been a regular visitor to this page, you will notice there has been a serious lack of updates since the New Year. I must sincerely apologise for this and yes I do have a very good excuse.  Our old computer died and we got a new one and not being very technically minded it took ages to get used to a new operating system. ie. Windows 7.  I then decided to load in the programme I use to do the website and horror of horrors - the software was not compatible. Oh no what do we do.  I am not a person at ease with big changes and I was very upset so Donald went in search of similar software with the help of Mr Google.  After many curses, a few swears and days later, he eventually found a "student" version of the same software compatible with Windows Vista and 7.   We duly loaded this into the new computer only to discover it was nothing like as easy to use as the old software and it has taken me till now to get to grips with it. 

So friends here is the latest update as promised - The Falls of Foyers

This is the plaque that was errected in 1996 by British Alcan to commemorate 100 years of the Aluminium connection to the village of Foyers

This photograph was taken last autumn from the top viewing platform. The haziness of this photo is caused by the spray from this magnificent waterfall.

Again from the top viewing platform. The path is steep but the walk is well worth the effort. Easy going down but a bit of a climb returning to the road

This one was taken from the lower viewing platform. As you can see the waterfall is at its best we had had a lot of rain the previous week

No wonder William Wordsworth felt so inspired by the 100ft waterfall when he visited it

Looking down through the trees and bushes, the river Foyers wends its way to Loch Ness through a series of deep pots and pools.

Now hopefully I have got to grips with this software and will be able to update the diary more regularly although there is not a lot happening at the moment. I will be in touch again in the middle of May when hopefully I will have some more news from Kinbrylie.

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