Kinbrylie Diary Page  December 2009


Sunday 13 December

It's almost that time of year again, but before the diary starts to mention the word, we will have one more festive free week.

We have had a week of fairly heavy frost and gradually the ground has been getting whiter. The only advantage is the lovely sunny days and good photo opportunities with mist and nice sun rises and sun sets.

This photo was taken just as the sun was disappearing, it is almost the same photo as above but from a longer distance.

This photo is looking west from the side of the house as the last of the light is disappearing.

And after dark, this is the build up of ice crystals on the roof of my car.  They are amazing but very difficult to photograph.

Hopefully next week there will be some decorations up and we will be getting ready for the festivities.

See you soon

Tuesday 22 December

Well here we are again and only two days to go to the Big Day itself.  I am sure it is going to be a White Christmas here as it will be for many of you.  I expect you are all fed up of the "white stuff" by now but since we haven't done very much lately except feed animals, defrost water troughs and shovel snow I am afraid the pics this time are all round the house and garden in and during the snow.

Taken out of our bedroom window during the two solid days of snow fall. We have had three power cuts in two days

Donald has dug a path out to the cars

Now who could be THAT mad!!!

Early morning, well not that early but just after sunrise.

Someone has got to do it.

Trees in the garden

and more of the same

Kinbrylie in the snow

Looking south east

and a wider view of the same

Beinn Sgurrach in the snow

Is that a tractor I hear, oh here comes the hay

Looking towards the main road from the pond

slightly to the left catching Beinn Sgurrach from a different angle

and looking up the hill to the big right hand corner almost at the top

I hope the photos have not made you feel too cold, we have a foot of snow at present and the outdoor thermometer is reading minus 8.3 and dropping. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr,  thank goodness for the Aga. 

We are hoping that my sister and her family, from Edinburgh and our daughter, Aileen, from Aberdeen, will make it home for a couple of days.  Our son, Ewen, is staying in Inverness with his girlfriend this year.

Well that's all for now, I will try and get some more news and photos for you next week.

Keep watching and I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas.

Thursday 31 December

It's hard to believe that Christmas has passed and today is the last day of 2009. I hope you all had a lovely time, we certainly did. My sister and her family, from Edinburgh, and our daughter, Aileen from Aberdeen came to stay for a few days. The photographs that are in the diary today were taken by various members of the family, Tricia Bain, Louise Bain, Aileen and myself.

Santa has arrived.

Ready for lunch

and from above

Carving the turkey

Flossie gives Rudolph a Christmas Kiss

The Girls
Left to Right:-  Louise (neice), myself, Tricia (sister), and Aileen (daughter)

Icicles hanging over the patio door.

River Fechlin taken from the bridge at the bottom of the hill.

Looking west from the pond.


The road to Dell

And now that you have seen all the photos it just remains for me to ask you to join us in a glass of good cheer and I wish you all a very Happy New Year and prosperous 2010.  See you next year!!