Kinbrylie Diary Page  January 2010



Well here we are the second week of 2010 already. Not very much has happened since I last was in touch. We have been busy shovelling snow and defrosting things.  Today is the first day the temperature has risen above freezing since before Christmas, it is all of 2.8 degrees and feels like a warm day compared to what we have had.  The snow is melting fast and I am just waiting for the huge sheets of snow and ice to fall from the roof. 

Looking towards the roof, at the back door, there are huge lumps of ice just ready to fall.

It is hard to believe that it looked like this at the same time last week, it was snowing very hard.

Looking out of the dining room window, I couldn't open the patio doors, the snow was too deep.

And this one was taken from the lounge window looking towards the drive.

Next morning the icicles from the roof were half way down the dining room windows.

Looking out of the kitchen window you can see how deep the snow is. That is usually the front lawn.

And this is where we usually feed the pheasants. Don has dug a bit round the back where we are feeding them while the snow is here.  It is too deep for them here and they are really struggling.

Donald digs us out. If not for the wee digger we would have never have been able to get down to the main road.

The poor old Land Rover is partially hidden

This is looking sideways at the gate to the house from the bottom car park.

And looking up the drive towards the "big" corner. This is after it was all dug out.

The evening sun catches the snow on Beinn Sgurrach.

Hopefully I will have something else for you next week.  I have some photos from last year that I have not yet put on the diary and I think we are all fed up with the snow now and could do with a change.

See you then.

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