Kinbrylie Diary Page July 2010


I can't believe it is July already, where has the year gone!! We have been very busy and I still cannot get the hang of this new programme for the web page.  It takes ages to get going but here we are.

This year we decided to try and make the polytunnel a bit more productive.  We have planted lettuce, cabbage. carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet corn, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peas, courgettes, and some herbs.  I think it might be a bit too adventurous but we will see what happens.  Watch this space.

While we were away last October, on holiday, the roe deer came in and ate most of our shrubs.  This is one they decimated and as you can see there is a little growth at the back-

so Don decided to cut it back to the new growth, typical man, get in there and get it cut well back.  Just hope he is right, it was a plant that was given to us for our silver wedding anniversary and was doing really well.  We will let you know how it goes.

Last Thursday night, 1st July, we had the most amazing sky.  The next photos were taken at 22.45 and I am afraid the camera does not really do them justice.  The sky was a real electric blue and the clouds were almost shocking pink.  If I had photoshop, which incidentallly I do not approve of, I would have been able to show you the true colours but you would not have believed it because it was unbelievable.

The clouds were changing colour even as they scurried across the sky

I think you must be getting the jist by now

I couldn't resist taking more photos - remember this is now almost 23.00

and still the sky is light but I had to give up as the midges got the better of me.

We went to Gairloch again this year but unfortunately we did not get to the games as I had to work and by the time I finished, so had the games. We met up with all our friends and had our usual barbeque but the weather was not so kind this year and we had to give up and take the gazebo down in a hurry as we were in danger of being blown to Ullapool.

I did manage to take a couple of photos before we had to abandon ship, or gazebo as it was. 

That is our caravan in the background and we were rocked to sleep by a wind speed that was bordering on keeping us awake.

Now back home, our pheasants have been busy producing families.  This friendly little hen appeared last week with 8 chicks and while Mum had a good feed the little ones played hide and seek round the flower pot.


Here they are enjoying the sunshine. See if you can spot all 8, they are all in this photo.

For those of you who saw the photos of our roe deer family last year, I can report that Mum has had a single fawn this year and try as I might I just cannot get a photo of it as it will not stay still for 2 mins.  This morning we were up at 5.00 and were watching it and one of last years twins racing round the front lawn while mum was munching the grass and didn't seem to worry much about either of them.

Must away now and water the polytunnel. See you next time.


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