Kinbrylie Diary Page  June 2009



Golly gosh June already where has the year gone??
This week has flown by and we have been busy with the B & B and garden etc.  The polytunnel has some plants in now as I said last week and they are growing like mad.

Tomatoes & Strawberries

Orange, Lemon & Olive Tree

Sweet Peas, 3 types of lettuce, spring onions & Peas

Well wouldn't you be grumpy if you had to hold the door open all day!!!

Don & I went away for the weekend on a classic car rally and before we left on Friday morning I decided to set the video recorder (couldn't miss the final of the Apprentice now, could I). I happened to look out of the window and couldn't believe my eyes, at the corner of our drive, approximately 50 metres from the house, one of the roe deer hinds was giving birth, it was amazing.  We watched from the house and lo and behold she produced twins. We were late leaving as we gave her peace to clean them and feed them. When we passed by her, in the car, she didn't bat an eyelid. We managed to catch a glimpse of them all last night and Mum & Babes seem ok.  Will try and get more photos but they are very clever mothers and hide their babies well. I tried to get some photos as you will see below, it is amazing that they are on their feet and so stable in such a short time.

Thats all I can think of but hope to see you next week.


A day late sorry, spent all evening updating anti virus.

For those of you who watch this page I can only apologise for the lack of contact last weekend. I really have no excuse but I will make up for it now. 
Last Sunday Donald & I went to Inverness to collect Ewen (our son) and on route we passed the venue for the RockNess music festival which has now become a three day event. Having spoken to a few of the revellers, they have said that it is better than T in the Park. As we drove by I tried to take some photos of the venue, there is a large police presence and cars are not allowed to stop anywhere near so the photos were taken from a slow moving vehicle - sorry for any blurring etc.

The Roch Ness venue from the top of Dores Brae.
The fields in the distance are the camping fields and you can see from the colours that they are totally full of campers.

The entrance to the venue with some of the stage tents.

You can just see Loch Ness in the distance

These are Yurts and Wigwams, the expensive camping option with "Posh Wash" facilities and Solar Power!!!!

The overflow carpark

This weekend we have been tourists again. My cousin came to stay for the weekend and on Saturday Ewen, our son, took him to Kyle of Lochalsh for the day by train, it is one of the nicest train journeys in Scotland. Unfortunately they didn't take any decent photos for me to show you. They went for a trip on the glass bottomed boat, Seaprobe Atlantis, which is fantastic, I did it about 3 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, they take you round an old wreck and you can clearly see all the fish, starfish, sea urchins and creepy things that live under the water.

On Sunday, being father's day, I had booked a suprise trip for all of us on the Strathspey Steam Train. They run a luncheon and dinner carriage twice a week. It was a beautiful day and we took the scenic route across the moor to Tomatin.

The "Garbole Road" from Farr to Tomatin. This view is looking north towards Farr.

Looking down to the river

A sheltered spot where the two burns meet. Great picnic place.

We drove on along the smaller roads avoiding the main A9 where ever possible eventually arriving at Aviemore station in time to catch the "Gravy Train"!!!

The Braeriach preparing to couple up

Ewen and Don negotiate who gets the last Yorkshire Pudding!!!

I got it, not my pint by the way, as you will see

The project manager relaxes, note the empty glass

Goodness me, now we are in TV land, maybe it was the wine.  No -  photos do not lie, this is Monarch of the Glen country.

After a super train journey and lunch, we then headed for the Highland Wildlife Park which is just 8 miles further down the road. I did take a few photos there but I did not take the zoom lens so the photos were not as good as they might have been. However I will put these in the diary next week in case I have an uneventful week and end up up with nothing new.

Sunday 28 June

Well here we are again, time for the wildlife park photos.  We arrived at the park to be told that they have a ragwort problem. Ragwort is a plant that is a big problem in this country, it is extremely toxic,  it does not do not much harm when it is growing, but when it dies, it becomes very palatable to animals and this is when serious problems occur, it affects the liver and the effect is accumulative over time and eventually fatal.

The Park had recently been sprayed and the animals had been moved until it would be safe for them to return.  Some were in enclosures not to far from the road where it was possible to see them but not close enough to photograph especially since I did not have the right lens with me.

However we did see some.

These are Przewalski Horses, the only true living wild horse.

When we left the car we discovered that the Red Pandas were going to be fed so we hurried to their enclosure in time to see one waking up for supper. It was really cute.

How cute is she?

We then continued on foot. I really wanted to see the Amur Tigers, you have probably seen them on TV because they used to be called Siberian Tigers and they have recently had three cubs. I was desperate to see them but all we saw was a very distant view of dad sleeping behind a tree. Very disappointing.

On we went and did manage to see :-

Wild Boar - here is Dad - too tired to be wild, well it was a hot day and ---------

he was the father of this lot!!!!!!!

For the Harry Potter fans - here is Hedwig the snowy owl, his mate is sitting on eggs.

This Capercaillie was doing a great job of disguise

This is a wild cat but it looks more like the "cat next door" I wouldn't have wanted to put my fingers near the bars though.

This week has been fairly quiet so I will give you a quick update.  Our mother pheasant has returned but unfortunately there is no sign of any chicks, they have such a hard time and the mortality rate is high. We are aware that some of our other females are scarce and believe they are sitting on eggs so here's hoping !!!!!

Our roe deer fawns are doing well and growing incredibly fast, yesterday in the early morning we caught a glimpse of them. It was a misty morning and the light was bad but we did manage to get a couple of photos. Hope you can see them.

Well I did say it was misty.

Well thats all for this week, next week I will give you photos of the jungle that was once a poly tunnel. Oh bye the way if any of you have any tips on poly tunnel gardening, I would be very grateful.  I am new to this game and not averse to critisism, please feel free to advise on