Kinbrylie Diary Page May 2011

What a wonderful start to May.  The weather has been fantastic with blue skies and sunshine prevailing although we have had a cold easterly wind blowing some days.  It is not very often that we can honestly say the gardens need a bit of rain but I can put up with a bit more sunshine yet.

For once I remembered to take the camera with me when I went to Fort Augustus the other day.  As you can see from the photographs, there was not a cloud in the sky.

This photo was taken from the top of the Suidhe, the hill between Whitebridge and Fort Augustus.  At the summit it is approximately 400 meters  above sea level. It was a little hazy but on a clear day you can see Ben Nevis. From here heading south to Loch Tarff is called Glen nan Eun.

Half way down the hill towards Fort Augustus you come to Loch Tarff.  It is the reservoir for Fort Augustus and as you can see it was almost flat calm.

The B862 winds its way beside the Loch for over a mile.  It is a popular place for visitors to picnic in the summer months.  Over the last few years there has been a pair of geese nesting beside the loch and I have often seen them with their goslings.  I haven't seen them yet this year.

This photo was taken from the other end of the loch looking back towards Whitebridge. The mountain in the background is Beinn a Bhacaidh. (Pronounced Ben a Vachie)

A closer look at the island you can see in the last photo. 

Heading back to Whitebridge, this photo was taking from the same place as the first one but looking in the opposite direction towards Stratherrick and Whitebridge. 
The Loch is Loch Mhor

Turning slightly north you can see the B862 heading away in the distance.  We call this stretch of road "the straight mile".

This is taken from the same point with no zoom, it gives a better impression of distance.  Light clouds were starting to form as it was early evening.

I hope you have enjoyed these local photos and I hope we will have some from round the Ullapool area for you next time as we are heading that way soon.  See you next time.


Well, what a week.  I was getting lazy in my "old age" so in February I started to do some fairly serious walking and decided that the only way I would keep it up was to enter something athletic.  I decided on the Cancer Research "Race for Life" in Inverness as I lost a very good friend in March this year.  The event took place last Sunday and I zoomed round it at record speed (at least for me it was). I am still paying the price as I have discovered muscles in places I didn't know they existed.

Donald kindly took a photograph of me just before the finish line for proof.

As I promised last week I have some photographs of our days away in Ullapool. The weather was so nice that, as the B&B was quiet, we decided to take the caravan to the west for a night.

This is Loch Droma, it lies between Aultguish and Ullapool, on the high pass called Dirrie More which I believe means the big, straight climb.

The weather was lovely and we sat and watched the ferry as she arrived in Ullapool from Stornoway.

First vehicle off the boat was a cattle float bound for market no doubt

We took a walk along the pier and saw the fishing boats unloading.  A lot of the catch goes to Spain.

This was taken looking up the length of Loch Broom.  If you look closely you can see a dark blob in the middle, this was a seal who was swimming around the fishing boats but as soon as I got the camera organised he swum out to sea.

It is obviously too early for these boats to be in the water although we went back to Ullapool last weekend and they are all afloat now.

This chap was waiting patiently for a morsel or two from one of the boats.

On the other side of the pier the smaller fishing boats are berthed.  These boats fish more locally and I expect they bring home the crabs and lobsters.

All loaded up again and the "Isle of Lewis" heads back to Stornoway

Early morning and the Summer Isles are just visible in the distance

The Summer Isles a bit closer.  There are boat trips to the islands from Ullapool

As I said, we went back to Ullapool last weekend and went for a run to Achiltibuie, it is one of the most beautiful, scenic roads in the Highlands and well worth a trip.

Next time I will show you some of the photos taken on that run.

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