Kinbrylie Diary Page  November 2009

Sunday 1 November

This week we had very mixed weather, mostly wet and windy but we did have a few sunny spells and it was unseasonally warm.

This was the day after the clocks changed and just at darkening a very strong ray of sunshine hit Beinn Sgurrach. In reality the foreground was much darker making the shoulder of the hill really stand out. 

A little later the whole hill was lit up, it was most unusual

I thought I could get some of the autumn colours but unfortunately we missed the best when we were on holiday. Having had so much wind there is hardly a leaf left now on any of the trees. This was one of the nicer days this week.

A few mornings ago when we were preparing breakfast the sunrise was spectacular and I couldn't resist a couple of photos.

But you know what they say about "Red Sky in the Morning" and sure enough by about 11 o'clock the heavens opened yet again.

To finish off the week we were all invited to one of the local girl's 18th birthday party. It was held in Whitebridge Hotel and fancy dress was optional. Now being one not to miss an opportunity, our Ewen decided to go as a captain but as you can see his uniform wasn't very seasonal. For all of you who know Ewen and that he has worked in the pub at Whitebridge for over 13 years, he has now decided to move on.  Monday will be his last day there and I am sure it will take a while for Donald & I to get used to not seeing him every weekend.

Time to finish now but I will try to have some more news for you all next week. See you then.


Monday 9 November

OK must apologise for no diary yesterday. Our daughter came home, from Aberdeen, for the weekend and I totally forgot the diary last night. However I will rectify that right now.

We had our first night of heavy frost this week, luckily there is not much in the garden or polytunnel to be affected by it.

This is a view, early this morning, of the garden white with frost.

And this is looking out of the front door, at the back of the house. Now I know that sounds really silly but, for all of you who know the house, it is a fact that our front door is at the rear of the house.

The polytunnel has given us a good return this year considering it was only errected in June. Now comes the real work. When we erected it we decided to grow most things, in fact everything, in pots and tubs. Now comes the time to change that for next year, I have started to dig the ground.

I thought if I started now I might be ready for next planting season. Don did offer to dig it over but I need the exercise and thought that, over the winter, I could get it ready. I have had to call on his help a couple of times already to shift some of the bigger stones. I will take a photo of the next big one I come to and you will see what I mean.

Now I am not sure if this is Bill or Ben!!! There are two of them and by next year they will definitely have their names on their bodies.  Watch this space.

This afternoon the whole squad came for tea. Mum, Dad and all the offspring. This is getting a bit OTT. They now tap on the kitchen window if we don't go out to feed them.

This is the other side of the polytunnel, the sweetcorn was planted far too late to mature but hopefully next year, it will be better. We have dried a couple of the cobs and the birds love it, so at least it has some use. In the foreground are the fushia bushes that I propogated two years ago, they are still in pots and hopefully next year they will be planted in the garden. Behind them are the potatoes in their pots, with their fleeces, they are not doing as well as I had anticipated but we still hope they will be ready for Christmas.

As you can see, the leaves are now all gone and the trees are bare. We are exposed for the winter months.

This is a couple of the young men eating in unison. Didn't realise I had missed their tails 'til I put the shot on the screen.

Now here is Mum, she was watching me taking photos of the pheasants. The youngsters are still around and the buck has returned. It is that time of year. While we were on holiday in France, last month, the family came and decimated what was left in the garden. We will have to protect what is left even more, they are getting too brave. Not sure whether to encourage them or try to have more of a garden. What should we do??

Right that's it for this week, will try to get some more photos of the roe deer for next week, if I can.

See you then.

Tuesday 17 November

Hello again, well it has been a long week.

I had a bit of piece and quiet at the weekend as the "boys" went off to Birmingham last Thursday for the Classic Car show at the NEC. Needless to say I had a nice quiet time, relaxing and doing the things I like to do. Meanwhile I sent them off with the camera and told them I needed photos for the diary, this is what they returned with.

Just about to board Flybe at Inverness Airport. Ewen always likes to get in the way when he can.

Just after takeoff on a perfect day, the foreground is Alturlie Point and the background is Munlochy bay and the Black Isle.

Heading towards Inverness, below is the Moray Firth, Kessock Bridge and Beauly Firth and to the left is Inverness.

Heading out towards Whitebridge, the S shaped loch is Loch Ruthven, the big one in the background is Loch Ness and the one on the far left is Loch Mhor which is just north of Whitebridge. If it had been a wee bit clearer and the boys had had a better lens then it may have been possible to see Kinbrylie!!!

Taken from their bedroom window, can be seen the NEC and in the foreground is the Air Rail, a driverless train that shuttles back and forth between the Airport and NEC/Station.

Now this little chap has a spanner in his hand and is attempting a major repair on the historic car he is standing in and the car in question is ------------

A model A Ford, and a fine example it is.

How many of you remember one of these?? Yes it is an original Citroen 2CV. When I was a child I called this a corrugated car.

You should all recognize this one, and what a beauty. It is not often you will see a Morris Minor Pickup these days, especially one in such good condition.

Ok that's it for this week, the digging is still in progress in the poly tunnel and it will take for ever as some of the stones are so big that it takes two of us plus a big rope and some serious pulling and straining to get them out. Will try to find something interesting soon.

See you then.


Sunday 29 November

I have just realised that there was no diary last week but to be honest there is not that much happening at the moment. We are busy clearing up the garden and trying to get all those winter jobs done before the weather turns nasty and too cold.

Donald has once again started work on the garage to try and get it finished inside.  It has been a shell for a couple of years now and it would be nice to keep the cars inside and for me to get my workshop.

Don organises the wiring so we can have lights and power.  This is the main part of the garage and as you can see a general store for the time being.

This is looking the other way, you can see the stair case leading up to what I hope will be my workshop soon!!

Upstairs, now this is the main part of the workshop but as you can see it has a long way to go. The plant on the left is an avocado we grew from a stone but it has got too big for the house and has lived in the garage for the last 18 months.

Looking the other way you can see the top of the stairs sticking through the floor, that is where the wall will be at the end of the workshop. Can't wait, I have so many projects waiting to be finished and although I do a bit in the house it is such a chore having to put everything away all the time.

No-one can do anything outside these days without the audience of girls.  They even come into the garage just in case there might be someone there who would  feed them.

Mrs Black is still on the go and has no fear of us. Just hope she manages to avoid the guns this season. 

When we woke last Wednesday morning, the weather had changed, it was pouring rain all day on Tuesday and had fallen as snow on the hills overnight. This is the first snow we have seen this year, could be a long winter!!!

On Thursday we shot off to Glasgow.  We had to do a bit of Christmas shopping, I had some framing materials to pick up and of course we couldn't miss a trip to Ikea.

  We travelled down the A9 for a change and between Stirling and Glasgow we passed this unusual cargo. I would have thought it would have been cheaper to fly it to it's destination but I suppose there could have been something wrong with it.

This was the scene that greeted us when we woke this morning.  It has become  much colder and was snowing on and off all day, it is still lying tonight and looks like it is going to freeze. I really hope it doesn't last too long because, although it can look pretty, it makes the daily chores much harder.

Hopefully I will manage to find something for the diary again soon so until then keep warm and well.


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